About Awami villas/Apartment

About Awami villas/ Apartment

Having shelter is a basic human Right.Awami Villas is a welfare initiative of Bahria town which offers low cost housing solutions to low income class of people in the society.Awami villas consists of 2 bed fibre huts ,which is a latest technology imported from Malaysia.Awami villas are suitable for small families.Awami villas consists of two bed rooms and a sitting room with a small lawn.. Families with low budget are enjoying All facilities of life here. Awami apartments is a best investment opportunity in bahria town.Awami Apartments are generally divided into premier and general .premier means well constructed qith tiles and general means not constructed with tiles.In Awami Apartments ground floors are more expensive than first floor.price of second floor and first floor are .Location.Awami villa 2 is located next to awami villa 1.This project is almost completed.Awami villa 3 is located next to N block of bahria town phase 8.It is a big project consists of 1000 apartments .Awami 5 and 6 are located on ring road of bahria town next to E _1 block of bahria town phase 8 .